Hedge Fund Replication by TrueBeta
The first fully independent, fully transparent approach
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Institutional investors are reconsidering their traditional investment processes as hedge funds outperformed other asset classes in the turbulent last year, often by wide margins.

At the same time investors now require greater transparency, risk control and liquidity from their hedge fund investments. They also increasingly want to distinguish between hedge fund alpha and beta.

This demand is strengthening the important role replication strategies can play in the investment process.

TrueBeta is the first fully independent offering in the hedge fund replication market place. As an independent offering, True Beta is available through licensing to all market participants, including white label options to banks and other financial institutions.


The TrueBeta replicators offer investors the following are important benefits

  • Ideal for

    • Asset Class Exposure

    • Cash equitization and portfolio rebalancings

    • Investable benchmarking, data for risk management and asset allocation decisions

  • No manager selection effort or associated manager risk

  • Transparency, liquidity & operational risk reduction (rules based)

  • Lower cost

Product Providers

The TrueBeta replicators offer significant advantages as the basis for structured products, ETFs, etc.

  • Better tracking and significantly better performance, particularly compared to existing liquid hedge fund index alternatives

  • Daily (and potentially intra-day) liquidity

  • Can be shorted

  • Transparent risk characteristics as the only completely rules based replicator

  • Licensing options to suit the requirements of the product partner