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Whither Hedge Fund Replication
, December 2009, London

Rabbe Ekholm launches hedge fund replication strategy 

15 Sep 2009

True Beta has announced the launch of the first independent, factor-based hedge fund replication service, designed as an investable benchmark without the headline risk or high fees traditionally associated with the asset class.
“Following the market and fund management upheaval of 2008, investors are increasing their hedge fund allocations,” True Beta CEO Rabbe Ekholm said. “However, they now also demand liquidity and transparency, and increasingly want to separate the alpha and beta in their hedge fund portfolios.”
This demand is strengthening the important role of replication strategies, which give investors access to base-line returns with cost effective fees, liquidity, transparency and without the headline risk of manager blow-ups or gates.

True Beta is the first replication strategy that is independently managed, and specifically designed to serve as a benchmark for the hedge fund industry, with a fully transparent methodology and execution. This independent offering is available licensed to asset managers and for separate account execution.
“Since the vast majority of hedge fund returns come from beta, there is no need to pay high fees for base-line performance,” True Beta founder Rabbe Ekholm said. “We encourage investors to focus on the real alpha generators in their manager selection, and leave the beta to us."